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Lake WinnipeHockey's Cup

Lake WinnipeHockey's Cup

 To many people today the thought of Lake Winnipesaukee brings to mind summer fun, baby blue skies, rich green mountains and the dark blue waters of this tranquil mountain lake. However many years ago this was not the case, Lake Winnipesaukee (or as it was known then Lake Winnipehockey) was once synonymous with pond hockey. Legend has it, many years ago in the dead of winter this area came alive. Native America tribes from all over the Northeast flocked to this great lake to stake their claim as the Pond Hockey Champions. Wars were put on hold, grudges forgotten and truces formed for one weekend out of the year. Native American folklore is filled with stories of tribes raising, and training their children to become warriors, not in battle but on the ice. It was not uncommon for tribes to save the best warriors for this annual event because winning it not only meant bragging rights for the tribe but also brought great pride and satisfaction to their villages.

As the tournament grew, the tournament Chiefs called a meeting to discuss the creation of what would become the most coveted trophy in all of sports. After hours of deliberation, the chiefs announced the decision and presented to the world for the first time - Lake Winnipehockey's Cup. The word spread from tribe to tribe and the following year hundreds of tribes from all over North American made their way to Lake Winnipesaukee for a chance to hoist this miraculous trophy.

As years passed and countless champions crowned, the tournament went on. Until one year, as the settlers from Europe began to impede on the natives land the trophy was hidden. During a battle in what is now the town of Meredith, the settlers attempted to steal this trophy for themselves. Risking his own life, a young warrior tracked down the settlers took back the trophy and buried it somewhere on Bear Island. On his way back across to main land, this young man lost his life when he fell through the ice, taking with him the whereabouts of this coveted trophy. With the trophy lost the tournament was never played again.

Countless explorations have been made to find the whereabouts of this lost relic with no success. Thought lost forever, this trophy has become folklore with many wondering if it ever existed at all. During the summer of 2009 a group of dedicated archeologists set out to finally discover the resting place of the Lake Winnipehockey's Cup. With state of the art equipment these scientists from all over the world finally located its whereabouts and unearthed the trophy in the interior of Bear Island.

After some careful restoration, Lake Winnipehockey's Cup has once again been up for claims. See the teams below who have won it in the past. Who will hoist it this year? Only time will tell!

Open Division Champs: Paddy's

30+ Division Champs: Stonedam Islanders

40+ Division Champs: The Boot 2

50+ Division Champs: Dark Star

Women's Division Champs: The Boston Beauties

Shinny 21+ Division Champs: Dutchmen

Shinny 35+ Division Champs: Labatt Blue NH

Shinny 50+ Division Champs: Bud Heavies

Twig Division Champs: Wheeler Boys

Red Bull Open Ice Division - Ice Holes

30+ Divisions - Stonedam Islanders

40+ Division - Bumbles

50+ Division - Milton Maple Leafs

Shinny U35 Division - Team Blizzard

Shinny 35+ Division - Mugs

Twig Division - Swedish Stu

Women's Division - Boston Beauties

Open Division - Dogs III

30+ -Division - Stovepipe Lumberjacks

40+ Division - Bumbles

Legends Division- Motown Mayhem

Shinny U35 Division - Predators

Shinny 35+ Division - Labatt Blue NH

Twig Division - Team Casella

Women's Division - The Boston Beauties

Open Division - Bunch of Nobody's

30+ -Division - Stovepipe Lumberjacks

40+ Division - The Boot 2

Legends Division- Essex 73's

Shinny U35 Division - Milton Flyers

Shinny 35+ Division - Brass Bonanza

Twig Division - Fish Cove

Women's Division - Lady Jeff's

Open Division – Dogs III

30+ Division – Wrap Solutions

40+ Division – Rhode Island Rangers

Legends Divisions– Milton Maple Leafs

Shinny U35 – Sweater Kittens

Shinny 35+ – Munny Shots

Twig - Ice Holes

Women’s Divison- Happy Cows

Open Division – Paddy’s

30+ Division – Frozen Hacks

40+ Division – Rhode Island Rangers

Legends Divisions– Essex 73’s

Just for Fun U35 – Broots Magoots

Just for Fun 35+ – PYLONS

Women’s Divison- Eagles

Open Division – Ice Holes

30+ Division – Frozen Hacks

40+ Division – Bumbles

50+ Division – Essex 73's

Just for Fun U35 Division – Broots Magoots

Just for Fun 35+ Division – Pylons

Women’s Division – Eagles

Open Division – Bauer Experience

30+ Division – Frozen Hacks

40+ Division – Bumbles

50+ Division – Bud Heavies

Just for Fun U35 Division – The Locals

Just for Fun 35+ Division – Backyard Ice

Women’s Division – Quincy Fightin’ Squirrels

Open Division – Ice Holes

30+ Division – Frozen Hacks

40+ Division – RI Rangers

50+ Division – Nagog Construction

Just for Fun U35 Division – The Locals

Just for Fun 35+ Division – Hiblits

Women’s Division – Hot Dogs

Open Division – Paddy’s

30+ Division – Frozen Hacks

40+ Division - Bumbles

50+ Division – Bud Heavies

Just for Fun Division – Montreal Todd