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On Frozen Ponds Episodes


"Only in New England"

Meet the teams as they begin their annual pilgrimage to the "best weekend of the year." Tournament Director Scott Crowder fights warm temps, open water and hundreds of players asking the question, "how's the ice?"


"Battling the Elements"

Out on these rinks, the unpredictable ice is “the great equalizer.” The Winnipesaukee Whalers and Peddler's Daughter take on the Open Division's toughest teams. Team C3 celebrates the great outdoors while the Essex 73's relive their glory days. NOG uses their signature libation to get an edge up on their opponents, while the Monday Night Jacks are out to prove that this is their year.


"Beer League Brothers"

Childhood friends, former college hockey teammates and now beer league rivals, the Winnipesaukee Whalers and Peddler's Daughter go head-to-head during the first game of day 2. Meanwhile, NOG attempts a crowd pleaser against out-of-towners, the Monday Night Jacks. And Team C3 and the Essex 73’s prove “the older you are, the better you once were.”

AIRS: Tuesday 2.25 8 pm EST

“A Classic Finish”

It's Championship Sunday and only the strong have survived to determine who will walk away with their name carved on the Lake WinnipeHockey Cup. These guys are battling hangovers, the elements and each other to be a part of Pond Hockey history.