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2019 Divisions

09/20/2018, 2:30pm EDT
By PHC Commissioner

September 20, 2018 -  In an effort to continually offer a fun, competitive and fair tournament experience the PHC has made a few changes to the Divisional structure heading into the 2019 tournaments.

2019 PHC Divisions

    A/B Level Skaters, 4 games guaranteed, playoff rounds for qualifying teams
    • Open - 21+
    • 30+ Open
    • 40+ Open
    • 50+ Open
    • Women's Open
     C Level Skaters, 4 games guaranteed, playoff rounds for qualifying teams
    • Shinny 21+ (formerly Shinny U-35)
    • Shinny 35+
    • Shinny 50+
    D/E Level Skaters - 4 games guaranteed, Playoff rounds for qualifying teams
    • Twig Division
    Recreational/non-competitive Skaters, 4 games guaranteed, NO PLAYOFFS
    • Duster Division
    • Women's Duster

We have added a 50+ offering into the Shinny Division to better accommodate the participants who have been at the top of the age bracket in the Shinny 35+ division the past few years.

We have also created the Duster Division (co-ed and women's) which is geared for those teams who may have competed in the Twig or Women's Division in past years but end up going 0-4 with a well-sized goal differential. This is a non-competitive division which offers 4 games and no playoff rounds.

In the spirit of competition and offering the best experience for everyone involved we ask all participants to keep the following policies in mind when registering and competing at our events:

  • We run tourneys, we aren't babysitters - PLAY BY THE RULES!
  • All divisions are allowed to carry a max roster size of 8, ALL PLAYERS MUST BE 21+ TO COMPETE
  • If the PHC receives multiple complaints about a specific team or individual we reserve the right to remove them from our events (present and future) - see the first bullet
  • We are taking a page out of the English Premier League's book - teams who overperform in their division will be automatically promoted to a higher division. Don't worry we won't relegate teams, after all, there is no shame in going 0-4, 1-3, 2-2 on the weekend. The shame is going 4-0 in the Shinny or Twig division with a plus-50 goal differential!

Any questions on the updated divisional structure please email the PHC Commissioner.

2019 Pond Hockey Classic Tournaments:

  • 10th Annual New England Pond Hockey Classic - February 1-3
  • 8th Annual Lake Champlain Pond Hockey Classic - February 8-10

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