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The Champ Cup

The History of the Champ Cup

During the early twentieth century, North American taps ran dry with the establishment of Prohibition. No longer could someone walk into a bar to have a drink or throw back an ice-cold beer after a long afternoon of pond hockey. The United States was in shambles as organized crime went through the roof and federal government scrambled to track down bootleggers moving alcohol on the black market.

In 1924, Prohibition in Canada was lifted but it still remained in the US. This Prohibition affected no one more than the hockey community across the country. In one spot in particular a group of hockey players had enough. On a cold January night in an old abandoned warehouse in Burlington, VT this group met and set a plan, which would bring hockey players and beer drinkers together from all over the region.

With the help of their Hockey brothers from Canada, they would smuggle beer from great white north. Unable to cross the boarder on land they would have to use Lake Champlain. After weeks of planning the group grabbed their skates on a dark February Night and headed north skating the hard black ice from Malletts Bay all the way to Plage - Desranleau just over the boarder in Quebec, Canada. It was there where they picked up kegs of beer to bring with them back to the States for their pond hockey games.

Word of this expedition quickly spread through the hockey community within the United States and hockey players from all over started to make their way to Vermont. Finding a loophole in the laws of prohibition, these hockey players met the returning skaters and their cargo of beer 3 miles off the shoreline between Malletts Bay and South Hero Island, a distance exempt from the laws of prohibition.

It was here that the group stayed for three days, playing pond hockey and drinking beers. As the hockey games progressed a tournament format was created with one team emerging victorious. Not having a trophy for the winners, one guy looked around and grabbed an empty keg, which he handed to the winning team. As Prohibition continued in the United States for the 9 years that followed, the group met religiously each February to play pond hockey, drink beers and crown a champion out on Lake Champlain. The same keg was used year after year and was quickly dubbed the Champ Cup.

No one really knows what happened to this annual meeting of the pond hockey nation but soon after Prohibition ended in 1933 this tournament on Lake Champlain disappeared and so with it the Champ Cup. In 2010, while a painting crew was working on an old house in Burlington, VT, one of the painters stumbled upon a secret compartment hidden in basement wall of the house. Buried under a pile of old books and blankets the painter discovered an old steel keg. Using a clean bush in his pocket he quickly brushed aside the years of dust on the steel. Faintly carved into the side of the steel, the painter saw The Champ Cup.

When the discovery of the Champ Cup reached the hockey community of region, the chatter amongst the group quickly turned to the re-establishment of this annual meeting of the pond hockey faithful on the frozen waters of Lake Champlain. A dedicated group of hockey enthusiasts shouldered the burden and once again the Champ Cup will be up for grabs every February!


Red Bull Open Ice Division - Shelburne Baby Burn

30+ Divisions - Poster Nutbag

Shinny U35 Division - Manchester Ugly Fat Friends

Shinny 35+ Division - Grand Trunk Hockey Club

Twig Division - Jersey Pond Scum

Open Division - Athletic Republic
30+ Division - Shelburne Baby Burn
Shinny U35 Division - The Reggie Dunlops
Shinny 35+ Division - The Drunk Uncle's
Twig Division - Hooligans
Open Division - JW Tool
30+ Division - Chazy Chickenhawks
Shinny U35 Division - Big Trucks
Shinny 35+ Division - Blue Blades
Twig Division - Blazers

Open Division – Hounds

30+ Division – Rockets

40+ Division – Chazy Chickenhawks

Shinny U35 Division – The Reggie Dunlops

Shinny 35+ Division – Blue Blades

Twig Division - VT Green

Open Division – Team Doritos Hockey Club

30+ Division – Frankensteins

40+ Division – Chazy Chickenhawks

Legends Division – Swillers

Just for Fun U35 Division – First Round Exit

Just for Fun 35+ Division – O’Brother

Open Division - Goldenrods 

30+ Division - The Jammers

40+ Division - The Chickenhawks

Just for Fun U35 - Big Trucks

Just for Fun 35+ - Angus J's

Open Division - Red Wings 

30+ Division - The Jammers

40+ Division - All Washed Up

Just for Fun 35+ - The Flying Eggplants