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Big Apple Divisions

The Pond Hockey Classic tourneys are 21+ events for participants. Please register your team for the division that fits your age and skill level. We rely on you to properly classify your team in order to ensure all participants enjoy their time competing at the PHC. The PHC reserves the right to consolidate divisions based on registration numbers as well as move teams to more suitable divisions if necessary.

Open Divisions

The Open division is comprised of A/B level players. This is the most competitive division and are intended for players and teams who have competed and still compete at a high level. This division can have a max of 6 players on their rosters.

Shinny Divisions

The Shinny division is comprised of C level players. This division is for players who aren't quite Open division caliber but can still dangle and toss some sick sauce while taking some spins on the ice. The Shinny division can have a max roster size of 6 players.